Greenhiller – level 1

In the very beginning Mr. Greenhiller wasn’t a “Mister” at all, but a humanlike midget. He started his level 1 with only 30 points of experience, granted for developing the “Walking” skill, soon upgraded to “Running”. Soon after his grandparents started to read to him old folk tales, since he was still unable to read himself. This boosted his experience with extra 15 points (now 45 in total). Still a small guy, Greenhiller developed a taste for heroic fairytales and not after long started to read them himself. The “Reading” is a key skill, so he was rewarded with 50 exp (95 in total). The world made of words that had recently opened to him began to unfold more rapidly. Not after long he added to his tiny library a few adventure books (+5/100 points), which brought him to level 2.

„Secrets of the Black Jungle“ by Emilio Salgari – one of my first adventure books.