Greenhiller – level 2

(back to level 1) Shortly after learning how to run and before to start riding a bicycle, Greenhiller acquired the skills „Throwing stones“ and „Wooden sword mastery“ (+15/115 points). He used them in multiplayer mode together with his brother, and the opponents were all sorts of imaginary monsters and villains. Later he began to make his own weapons – a sword, a bow, a slingshot and a battle ax (made of a stick stuck in the handle of a pot lid) (+15/130 points). With his battle axe in hand, Greenhiller the Warlord often chopped the shackles of ill-fated beauties, whose evil captors were laying around in pieces…

Some imaginary alien heroes on an adventure.

And when a story was too abstract to be played outdoors, Greenhiller the Artist drew it on the white sheets of the ever-shortcoming large-format notebooks (+30/160 points). Still, he was unable to show on paper everything that appeared in his fantasies. Every night, between bedtime and sleep, he dreamed and fantasized. Thus, imperceptibly, a new powerful skill began to take shape in him, and the imagination was its core (+40 points). After reaching 200 points of experience, the character entered level 3.