Greenhiller – level 4

(back to level 3) With him growing up, the imagination did not fall silent, it refused to „grow up“. The teenage dreamer got carried away by fantasy literature. Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg and many others were telling him strange stories from the pages of their novels (+10/310 items).

„Chronicles of Amber“ by Roger Zelazny (first book cover)

The moment when he was caught in math class with the book „Conan the Barbarian“ open under his desk is not forgotten either. Greenhiller discovered that the skill „Listening to music“ enhances a number of already acquired skills, so he added it to his arsenal (+5/315 points). Gothic and speed metal, new age music had a particularly good effect. Loyal to his inspiration, he made his first attempts at writing fiction stories (+20/335 points), and his drawings achieved a new level of realism and creativity (+10/345 points). He spent a lot of time in nature, alone and with friends, doing a variety of things typical of his age – fishing, swimming, playing cards and football. They alone didn’t add much, but overall this experience would serve him for life, in many aspects – which is why it brought as much as 55 points to his previous experience. And with an accumulated asset of 400 points, he entered his mature years, towards level 5.