Greenhiller – level 5

(back to level 4) After years of wandering in nature together with his favorite story characters, Greenhiller became eager to be often in nature in real life. This need came with the fact that on level 5 he found a much more urbanized terrain, by moving in a bigger city. Thus began the trips to the mountains (+10/410 points). By chance, while searching for a sport at university, he ended up at a kendo school; there he further improved his skills in swordsmanship (+5/415 points). The reason for serious progress at this level was the academic environment in which he spent most of his time. This adventure started badly, but after a while he found himself improved. The academic education helped on his path forward for a long time, because of this it brought not less than 35 experience points (450 points in total already). He also gained useful experience while working for a short time in a gaming club (+10/460 points). Greenhiller had to go in the army for six months (+10/470 points). His desire for outdoor adventures never ceased to exist. The skill „Mountaineering“ was the basis for „Camping“ (+10/480 points) and „Climbing“ (+10/490 points). Finally, he made a cycling trip across Europe (+10 points) and thus rounded his asset to 500 points. With this result Greenhiller triumphantly stepped to the next level.

Guiding on a technical terrain in Rila Mts., Bulgaria

Entering level 6 came also thanks to lots of playtime. New video games were added less frequently, but Greenhiller stayed with them for longer periods of time. He was now able to look critically at the games, often he caught himself thinking „They should have thought of this better… It could have been done it like this…“. (towards level 6)